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Our capabilities as technological or executive business consulting is only matched by the services that we can provide through our support partner network. 

Offering only professional level services, Novel is able to select the right resource to fulfill your specific needs, manage the specifications, and the results.      


  • Testing: Support in product or material testing for endurance or evaluation.

  • Material Analysis: Microscopy, or other testing needs to support problem solving or selection.  

  • Certification: Government compliance and release for standards.

Control Valve Testing3


With access and historical links to test houses, we are able to ensure that designs are compliant to all of the attributes and requirements of the design or purpose.

Often specialist equipment is required, services can be procured economically.  



Universities often provide a great source of detail and information.

Our interaction with Universities is two fold;

1. Expert testing and proof of concept

2. Innovation and technologies 

3. Internships and providing support

La Sorbonne


Final release of any product often requires regulatory application.

We manage the process, be it within the UK or abroad. We ensure the data, information and facts are collected to demonstate compliance, for the award of the product certification.  

Male Scientist


Working closely and with historical connections.

We use national standards agencies, as a recognised independent body to carry out standard testing, or legal approved testing. In the event of a compliance enquiry we would manage the needs.

We can help companies design better, and more robust products, manufacture faster, at a higher quality, lower cost and a standard to prevent failure and warranty.

Forming an agile partnership with industry and academia, we open a path to deliver business excellence in every way to generate growth.

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