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Our techniques are relevant across many business sectors.

Offering professional support in, operational performance, compliance, design, manufacturing, logistics, procurement,  warranty and so much more.  


  • Management: Leadership of projects and lauch of new products or business divisions

  • Engineering: New materials, process, innovations or resolving problems 

  • Operations: Coordination of divisions, for performance or delivery of vision.

Avionics Engineering


Aerospace sector is a significant part of our economic growth.

With evolving technologies, innovation and developments in manufacturing and materials, Novel can be a significant partner to support and maintain its role as a key provider of expert services. 

Car Engine


The automotive sector has seen much growth and now with alternative engeries, the drive to push technologies for low and zero emmissions is apparent.

Novels extensive involvement in R&D, particularly in electrification, and optimisation can support.  

Military Aircraft


The defence sector is certainly the most diverse. Covering all forms of transport methods, overland, in air, on and beneath the oceans.

Novels experiences continue to support and contribute to the technologies, and leading advances in this sector.

Spacecraft in Orbit


Space and its innovations to explore the unknown has always led technological breakthrough and set the boundaries.

Novels knowledge, participation in design and manufacturing excellence and materials, yet to prove the test in the vigours of space.

Scientist in Greenhouse


The food industry has always been the key element of our wellbeing. With growing concerns of health, and pollution, the need for innovation is paramount. Novels innovations, and contribution to sensor technologies, and methods can support. 

Science Lab


Health and Well-being is core to each of us. From Phramaceuticals to Implants and Mobility, our future needs are not just a requirement, but a necessity.

Our work at Novel has supported, logistics, manufacturing and R&D for next generation devices.    

Sunset Sailboats


Marine sector growth has demonstrated our connection to the ocean.

From working Boats and ships to Luxury Yachts, Novel has been involved to support manufacturing, and the evolution of products and designs to support business growth and reliability.

Wind Mills


Energy sector has seen much change, but remains central to our basic needs.

Novels capabilities extend into manufacturing and logistics, however our concentration on efficient next generation, consumer products remains at the core of our investment.

We can help companies design better, and more robust products, manufacture faster, at a higher quality, lower cost and a standard to prevent failure and warranty.

Forming an agile partnership with industry and academia, we open a path to deliver business excellence in every way to generate growth.

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