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Our unique selling point is our experience and our extensive involvement in technology.

Offering only a professional level support Novel selects the right resource from our team to support our client needs, be it  for Business Management Leadership or Technical Leadership.      


  • Management: Leadership of projects and lauch of new products or business divisions

  • Engineering: New materials, process, innovations or resolving problems 

  • Operations: Coordination of divisions, for performance or delivery of vision.

Printing Plastic Skull


Our specialist capabilities include understanding plastic moulding technologies and 3D printing.

Used for multiple applications including car bodies, we have been involved in projects of all scales, complexity to meet the current demand.

Molten Metal in Foundry


Castings have become a predominant technology in current industrial applications, including E-Vehicle motors.

Our experience gets into the technology at a specialist level, from design, stress analysis and into the final performance of the product itself.

Electronic Circuit


Our involvement into the fabrication is unrivelled, and truly at a global level.

Working with manufacturers in automotive and military, we have been a part of the selection, audits, and development of ECU and electronics for many current projects.



Working with many of the largest semiconductor manufacturers and sub suppliers in the world, has given us the leading edge. From VLSI, to Micro-Machined/ Etched fabrications we have been involved with many leading projects and designs.    

Electric Car


Our expertise includes electrical machines and systems. 

From the modern infrastructure for electrical charging, to the current requirements for industrial motors for E-Vehicles and motor generators, our team has extensive expert knowledge. 



The technology of machining is often seen as a "grey art". our teams once again with involvement in automotive and avionic level machines to 2 microns!

Our experience and leadership capability continually driving perfection and delivering targets. 

Laser Cutting


Fabrication of products and the manufacturing of them, is a process of coordinating specialist capabilities, orchestrated to deliver the final product without defect.

Our work has seen hundreds plant audits and product releases down to 3PPM..!!

Car Sketch


Our involvement in system level design from small household applications to full automotive vehicle models and ranges, is a clear indication of our experience.

From selecting suppliers, technologies and coordinating integration, our capabilities are tried and tested.   

We can help companies design better, and more robust products, manufacture faster, at a higher quality, lower cost and a standard to prevent failure and warranty.

Forming an agile partnership with industry and academia, we open a path to deliver business excellence in every way to generate growth.

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